Kathy Lynn Emerson writes in several different genres and under several different names,

including Kaitlyn Dunnett and Kate Emerson. As Kathy Lynn Emerson she is best known for historical mysteries, including the Face Down Mystery Series featuring sixteenth-century gentlewoman,
herbalist, and sleuth, Susanna, Lady Appleton, the Diana Spaulding 1888 Quartet,

and her Agatha-award-winning nonfiction, How to Write Killer Historical Mysteries.

She has also written children's books and romance novels.

At present she is semi-retired and working on producing omnibus editions of backlist titles.





Long out of print in hardcover and mass market paperback, trade paperback editions of all ten books in the Face Down series are being newly edited by the author and are scheduled to be published in 2024 and 2025. Each one will be priced at $15.99. Since these books are published by print-on-demand, they are not likely to be on brick-and-mortar bookstore shelves, but any bookstore or library can order copies. Online bookstores will list them, but beware of sellers who charge more than $15.99. Autographed copies may be purchased direct from the author. Click here to inquire about shipping and handling charges.



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ISBN 979-8-224-04118-3



Face Down in the Marrow-Bone Pie is the first of ten historical mystery novels featuring Susanna, Lady Appleton, gentlewoman, herbalist, and sleuth. She's an expert on poisonous herbs, just what's needed to solve the crime when the steward on her husband's estate in Lancashire is found face down in a dish of marrow-bone pie. Lady Appleton is aided in her sleuthing by her faithful servants, Jennet and Mark, and hampered by the political ambitions of her duplicitous husband, Sir Robert. The story is set in England at the beginning of the reign of Elizabeth Tudor. 





ISBN 979-8-224-45012-1




Face Down upon an Herbal is the second book in the Face Down mystery series. Susanna, Lady Appleton, an expert on poisonous herbs, has written a book to warn people about them, although it had to be published anonymously because her husband, Sir Robert Appleton, doesn't approve of women authors. Unbeknownst to Susanna, he's taken credit for it himself. In this adventure, set in 1561, he's sent to Scotland on a mission for Queen Elizabeth. While he's gone, the queen gives Susanna a task as well. She's asked to assist a noblewoman, Lady Madderly, with the herbal she's writing. Accompanied by her young kinswoman, Catherine, Susanna travels to Madderly Castle, where the Yuletide season is just getting under way. When a Scots lord is found dead, face down upon a copy of the cautionary herbal Susanna wrote two years earlier, she feels a personal obligation to solve the crime.




ISBN 979-8-223-88799-7



Face Down Among the Winchester Geese is Book Three of the Face Down series. When Susanna's husband, Sir Robert, is one of the suspects in the murders of several Southwark prostitutes (known as "Winchester Geese"), Susanna resolves to uncover the identity of the real killer. Her goal is to prove Robert innocent, but as so often happens in an investigation, other secrets also come to light. Is it possible that Susanna's spouse has committed an even more heinous crime than murder? The year is 1563.





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ISBN 979-8-224-44723-7



Face Down Beneath the Eleanor Cross is Book Four in the Face Down series featuring Susanna, Lady Appleton, sixteenth-century gentlewoman, herbalist, and sleuth. In this entry, the victim is Susanna's husband, Sir Robert. Since he was poisoned and Susanna is an expert on poisonous herbs, she is arrested for his murder. To find the real killer, she seeks out others with a motive—starting with four of Robert's former mistresses. 




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ISBN 979-8-224-59446-7



Face Down Under the Wych Elm is the fifth entry in the Face Down Mystery Series. Widowed Elizabethan gentlewoman, herbalist, and sleuth, Susanna, Lady Appleton, feels an obligation to help an old acquaintance accused of being a witch, even though doing so means she may risk facing the same accusation herself.



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The Maine Quartet

four romance novels and a bonus short story

set in rural Maine at the end of the last century


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ISBN 979 8224 884 797


trade paperback

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The Maine Quartet

These four romance novels, originally published between 1989 and 1997, have been newly edited by the author and are now collected for the first time in this omnibus edition.

In Cloud Castles, originally published under the pseudonym Kaitlyn Gorton, fate brings an optimistic Kendra Jennings and a cynical Alex Moreau together on a lonely country road in 1989. A Deputy Sheriff, Alex thinks Kendra is keeping secrets and he's right, but she's telling the truth about the peculiar things that have happened to her since she moved into a house deep in the Maine woods. When her life, and that of Alex's teenaged son, are threatened, he has more than his duty to do. Romantic Times wrote that "both plot and characterization keep us nicely entertained."

In Love Thy Neighbor, Linnea Bryan returns to Maine to discover her roots and encounters the unexpected in her next-door neighbor, Marsh Austin, a retired cop who now raises and races sled dogs. When she decides to stay in Austin's Crossing to renovate her grandfather's house, Marsh is suspicious of her motives but very attracted to her. Romantic Times called this one "A rollicking good read!"

In The Rapunzel Trap, formerly published as Hearth, Home and Hope under the pseudonym Kaitlyn Gorton, Hope Rowan suspects fairy tale character Rapunzel had agoraphobia, just as she does. Is Cooper Sanford, former high school bad boy, the handsome prince who can rescue her from her tower? To persuade Hope to help him with his motherless daughter, he's willing to give it a try, but he may be asking too much in return. Rendezvous called it "fast paced with funny, interesting characters—people you can care about."

In Family Lies, formerly published as Separated Sisters under the pseudonym Kaitlyn Gorton, Ariadne Palmer, part owner of an antiquarian bookshop in Maine, doesn't believe Clay Franklin when he tells her she has a twin sister and grandparents she never knew about. As a lawyer, Clay has sworn not to tell her the whole truth about her family, but his immediate and growing attraction to her argues against keeping that promise. Romantic Times called it "A warmhearted tale . . . with many touching moments."

As a bonus, this collection also includes a short story, "The Boston Post Cane."


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Death of an Intelligence Gatherer

a mystery set in 1553 in England and on the Continent


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e-book: ISBN 979-8223-73599-1


trade paperback: ISBN 979-8223-99450-3



Death of an Intelligence Gatherer begins in 1553 when Cordell Ingram, a young English gentlewoman hoping to escape religious persecution, accompanies her father into exile in Strasbourg during the reign of Mary Tudor. A short time later, her life is turned upside down for a second time by her father's sudden death. Cordell is certain he was poisoned, and that his murder has something to do with the intelligence he has been gathering about a Protestant plot to overthrow the queen. To find justice for him, and to see that the information he discovered reaches his allies in England before the date set for a rebellion, she agrees to marry Roger Allington, an old family friend who fortuitously (perhaps too fortuitously?) appears on the scene with the claim that her father arranged a betrothal between them before he left England. Uncertain she can trust Roger, Cordell runs away on the day of the wedding. Her journey home is fraught with peril, especially after she is caught by one of the men she believes was responsible for her father's death. This time, there is no escape from marriage or from her deepest suspicions about her new husband.


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three short stories and a novella

available in print and e-book formats

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e-book: ISBN 979-8-201-43879-1


trade paperback: ISBN 979-8-201-74301-7


The three short stories and a novella that comprise The Valentine Veilleux Mysteries feature professional photographer Valentine Veilleux as an amateur sleuth. Val specializes in creating calendars for organizations to use for fundraising purposes. She is a free spirit who travels the country in a RV, custom-designed to serve as both home and workplace, with her three-legged cat, Lucky, for company. In the course of each job she takes on, she becomes involved with a group of people who know each other and often share dark secrets. When a member of such a group is murdered, Val has the advantage of an outsider's perspective combined with an insider's knowledge of the suspects, while her photographs provide clues the police have missed. Val first appeared in Kaitlyn Dunnett's ninth Liss MacCrimmon Mystery, The Scottie Barked at Midnight, and reappeared in the second book (Clause & Effect) of her Deadly Edits Mysteries.







available in print and e-book formats

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