Romance Novels by Kathy Lynn Emerson




~ Historical Romance ~


The Green Rose - 1994, Harper Monogram®
"An engaging tale of suspense and passion." - (Romantic Times)
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Set in 16th century England, this is a tale of love, spies, the theater, and a betrothal of convenience.



Unquiet Hearts - 1994, Harper Monogram®
"Plan on some real excitement as you read this unique tale." - (Rendezvous)
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Set in the middle of the 16th century, this romance also explores rumors of witchcraft in Lancashire and murder at a remote manor house.



Firebrand - 1993, Harper Monogram®
"An exciting novel that readers will want to finish in one sitting." - (Affaire de Coeur)
Set in 17th century New England, the heroine of this one has paranormal abilities that put her at risk in a Puritan society. Her only hope is dashing adventurer Jamie Mainwaring.



Winter Tapestry - 1991, Harper Paperbacks®
"A delight from start to finish." - (Maine in Print)
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Another tale of the mid-16th century, this was written as a mystery with a romance and published the other way around. Fans of the FACE DOWN SERIES will see hints of Susanna Appleton in Cordell Shelby but Roger Allingham is much nicer than Sir Robert.


~ Contemporary Romance ~


That Special Smile - 1998, Bantam Loveswept®
"Appealing." - (Romantic Times)
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Widower Russ Tandy, owner of a music and gift shop, recruits Tory Grenville to help his teenaged daughter prepare for a beauty pageant. In high school, Tory was a "brain" and Russ the BMOC, but now they're on equal footing.



Tried and True -1998, Bantam Loveswept®
"Good entertainment." - (Romantic Times)
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Step back into the past at a living history center and fall in love the old-fashioned way.


Sight Unseen -1998, Bantam Loveswept®
"You'll laugh, cry and sigh!" - ( customer review)
Now available at under the title THE E-MAIL ORDER BRIDE
Maine Probation/Parole Officer Chase Forster wants to create a home for his niece and nephew and yields to the impulse to ask Leslie Baynton to become his e-mail order bride. Leslie has doubts, but she's already half in love with a man she's never met.



Relative Strangers - 1997, Bantam Loveswept®
"Top of the line reading for romance fans!" - (Romantic Times)
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Waycross Springs Maine boasts a grand old hotel, the Sinclair House, where, quite unexpectedly, a ghost appears to guest Corrie Ballantyne while she's there for a Christmas getaway. Adrienne is the ancestor of handsome Lucas Sinclair, who owns the hotel, and she seems intent on playing matchmaker.



Sleepwalking Beauty - 1997, Bantam Loveswept®
"Emerson has a talent for anticipation and passion." - (Affaire de Coeur)
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Bodyguard Duncan Glendower, assigned to keep watch over Andrea Lauderdale by her over-protective grandfather, invites her to share his remote hunting cabin in Maine. They're from two different worlds . . . or are they?



Separated Sisters - 1997 (w/a Kaitlyn Gorton), Silhouette Special Edition®
"A warmhearted tale . . . with many touching moments." - (Romantic Times)
Now available at under the title FAMILY LIES
Ariadne Palmer, part owner of an antiquarian bookshop in Maine, doesn't believe Clay Franklin when he tells her she has a twin sister and grandparents she's never known. As a lawyer, Clay has sworn not to tell her the whole truth about her family, but his immediate and growing attraction to her argues against keeping that promise.



Love Thy Neighbor - 1997, Bantam Loveswept®
"A rollicking good read!" - (Romantic Times)
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Returning to Maine to discover her roots, Linnea Bryan also discovers her next-door neighbor, Marsh Austin, a retired cop who now raises and races sled dogs. When she decides to stay in Austin's Crossing to renovate her grandfather's house, Marsh is suspicious of her motives . . . and very attracted to her.



Hearth, Home and Hope - 1995 (w/a Kaitlyn Gorton), Silhouette Special Edition®
"Fast paced with funny, interesting characters -- people you can care about." - (Rendezvous)
Now available at under the title THE RAPUNZEL TRAP
Hope Rowan suspects Rapunzel had agoraphobia, just like she does. And Cooper Sanford, prodigal bad boy, doesn't make a likely handsome prince riding to the rescue. But he wants something from her, and he's willing to help her overcome "her little problem" to get it.



Echoes and Illusions - 1993, Harper Monogram®
"The perfect blend of mystery, suspense, and the paranormal." - (The Talisman)
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Lauren Ryder can't explain her nightmares, except to say that they began when she saw her own face in a 450 year old painting in a museum. Neither does she remember the first 18 years of her life. Her husband Adam, a law-enforcement consultant, is skeptical about some of the explanations she comes up with. Will he be able to make the leap of faith necessary to preserve their relationship?



Cloud Castles - 1989 (w/a Kaitlyn Gorton), Silhouette Intimate Moments®
"Both plot and characterization keep us nicely entertained." - (Romantic Times)
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Kendra Jennings is an optimist. Deputy Sheriff Alex Moreau is a cynic. Fate brings them together on a lonely country road in Maine.


~ Young Adult Romantic Suspense ~

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available in trade paperback for $9.99

ISBN 978-1-393-21640-7

(also available as a e-book)


"Someday, Kristy, if you stay
just as sweet and innocent as you are now,
you'll make some lucky guy a great wife."

That's what the boy Kristy Russell is crazy about tells her.

Insulted, sixteen-year-old Kristy embarks on a journey of
self-discovery, trying to figure out why he rejected her.
In the attempt, she comes to realize that her own self-esteem
is more important than what anyone else thinks of her.
But will that knowledge enable her to make the right choice
when a potentially life-altering decision is required of her?
It isn't just her own future she holds in her hands.

set in 1992

Someday was originally edited and scheduled for publication by Silhouette Books' Keepsake line.
The line was discontinued before Someday reached stores.


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