There are four Diana Spaulding Mysteries in all.
All the books take place in 1888 but the
action moves from place to place within the U.S.






four novels and three short stories in one e-book

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In this first in the series, the action moves from New York City's theatrical district into the middle of the infamous "Blizzard of 88" and finally into what was then as much a frontier as the wild west---northern Maine. Intrepid journalist Diana Spaulding

is on the trail of a reclusive writer of horror stories. And trying to find a murderer before he finds her. Are they the same person? And who IS Damon Bathory, anyway?


Here's what reviewers have to say:

"Mrs. Emerson's sense of place and the complexity of her characters made this novel stand out in the crowded bookshelves." Harriet Klausner

"This fascinating historical marks the debut of a lively new series." Library Journal

"A thoroughly entertaining read." I Love A Mystery

"A very enjoyable read that will leave you eagerly awaiting Diana's next adventure." Drood Review



In Book Two of the Diana Spaudling Mysteries, Diana's father is murdered in Colorado and her mother is accused of the crime. Diana heads west to find the real killer and discovers more secrets than she counted on.


Here's what reviewers have to say:

"An engaging outing . . . bodes well for the two other books promised in this series." I Love A Mystery

"A rip-roaring exciting mystery." Midwest Book Review



In Book Three of the Diana Spaulding Mystery Series, Diana Spaulding, intrepid crime reporter, and physician Ben Northcote, are on their way to Maine to be married when they stop in rural New York to meet Diana's hitherto unknown relatives. Once they arrive, putting an end to the family feud between Diana's mother and her uncles is the least of their problems. Confidence games, schemes to attract tourists to the area, and murder all conspire to complicate Diana's life in May of 1888.


Here's what reviewers have to say:


"The only problem with NO MORTAL REASON, Kathy Lynn Emerson's third installment in her Diana Spaulding mystery series, is that it's not set in Maine. . . . a joy to read." Judy Harrison, Bangor Daily News

"Kathy Emerson provides just enough detail of life in 1888 to set the sense of place. Her character-driven mystery thrives on the relationships she develops." Sally Powers, I Love A Mystery

"Excellent period detail." Poisoned Pen History/Mystery Selections




This is the fourth and last volume in the series, in which Diana and Ben return to Maine to solve a murder on an island in Penobscot Bay. You won't want to miss the last chapter of the adventure. Archaeologists! Deep Sea Diving! Fencing! Wedding Plans! And when Diana's mother meets Maggie Northcote, the sparks really fly!


Here's what reviewers have to say:


"Emerson's fourth and final mystery in her Diana Spaulding series offers plenty of intrigue, eccentric characters and well researched history . . . Newcomers will find this period cozy works just as well as a stand-alone." Publisher's Weekly


"A cozy history mystery filled with idiosyncratic characters and a unique setting make this an easy-to-like read." I Love A Mystery

". . . an engaging premise . . ." Mystery Scene

". . . the latest entry in the stupendous Spaulding saga." The Best Reviews




For a bibliography of sources used in writing the Diana Spaulding Mysteries, click here



All four titles were first published in print format and are also available as individual e-books.

If you are having trouble finding print copies, some are still available from the author.

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