Descendants of Redmond Hanlon



Generation No. 1


Redmond Hanlon was born in Ireland (probably in Kildare) between 1807 and 1815 and died July 24, 1905 in Burlington, Vermont. His naturalization on March 4, 1876 gives his age as 52 (b. Ireland 1824 in County Kildare). The 1880 census gives his birthdate as 1807. The 1900 census gives his birthdate as June 1815. His death certificate says he was 94 when he died, giving him a birth year of 1811, while obituaries in the St. Alban's Daily Messenger (July 27, 1905) and the St. Johnsbury Republican (August 2, 1905) give his age at the time of his death as 95. While still in Ireland, Redmond married Mary Flemming/Fleming on August 4, 1846 at St. Michael's Church in Athy, County Kildare, Ireland. The family was in Mount Hawkins, Athy parish, diocese of Dublin in County Laois and Kildare for the births of daughter Eliza in 1847 and sons John in 1851 and William in 1853 and probably lived there from the time of their marriage until they left Ireland. In 1854, Redmond Hanlon is listed as a tenant of Rev. John Lawler in Athy with the value of his tenement as 15s. The family left Ireland and was living in Burlington, Vermont in 1868.



Mary Flemming or Fleming was baptized February 20, 1824 in Athy, the daughter of William Flemming and Ellen Dunn of Mount Hawkins. The 1880 census gives her birthdate as 1820. The 1900 census gives her birthdate as June 1830 and the 1910 census as 1825. Her death certificate says she was 85 when she died, giving her a birth year of 1827. She died October 25, 1912 in Burlington, VT. According to her death certificate, she was the daughter of William and Eliza Flemming, both born in Ireland.


Redmond and Mary had thirteen children, four of whom were still living when Redmond died. Redmond is listed in the 1869/70 Burlington (Vermont) City Directory (p.44) as a laborer living on Water Street between King and Maple Streets. He was also listed as a laborer in the 1882/3 Gazetteer and Business Directory of Chittenden County, which lists his address as 37 Main St., Burlington and lists William H. Hanlon and John J. Hanlon at the same address. John J. Hanlon is found as John R. Hanlon and Redmond J. Hanlon in other records. Wives and daughters were not listed in the directory in 1882/3. Redmond Hanlon's name is given as Edmund Hanlon on his son William's marriage certificate but as Redmond in census records. His surname is sometimes spelled Hanlin and even Hamlin. In 1900, Redmond and Mary were living with their son William. Mary continued to live with William after Redmond died. A contributing cause of Mary's death was Bright's Disease, from which her son William also suffered. The 1910 census mistakenly says she emigrated in 1876. It also records that she could neither read nor write. The 1913 Burlington City Directory lists Mary Hanlon, widow, as having died on October 25, 1912.


The 1870 lists:

Hanlon, Redmond, 45, born Ireland

Mary, 38, born Ireland

John, 18, born Ireland

William, 16, born Ireland

Peter, 7, born Ireland

Margaret, 4, born Ireland


The 1880 census lists:

Hanlon, Redmond, 73, laborer, born Ireland

Mary, 60, wife, born Ireland

William T., 25, son, laborer, born Ireland

Peter H., 15, son, laborer, born Ireland

Margaret A., 14, daughter, at school, born Ireland


The 1910 census lists:

Hanlon, Mary, 85, living with her son William, 45, and his wife, Mary


Known children of Redmond Hanlon and Mary Flemming are:

1. Eliza Hanlon (1847-1865)

2. John R. Hanlon (1851-1917)

3. William T. Hanlon (1853-1929)

4. Peter H. Hanlon (about 1865-1931)

5. Margaret A. Hanlon (1866-1935)


Generation No. 2


Eliza Hanlon

Eliza Hanlon was baptized on July 4, 1847 in Athy, Kildare, Ireland. Her parents are listed as Redmond Hanlon and Mary Flemming. She apparently died in Athy in 1865. Assuming this is the same person, her age at death is mistakenly listed as sixteen.


John Redmond Hanlon

John R. Hanlon was baptized in Athy, Ireland on May 11, 1851. He was naturalized on February 26, 1874 as Redmond J. Hanlon, born Ireland 1852. He died July 3, 1917 in Burlington, Vermont. In September 1875, he married Sarah Ellen Hall (March 8, 1858-January 6, 1926). They are buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery, Burlington, Vermont. He is listed in the 1913 Burlington City Directory. His son's marriage record gives his middle name as Redmond. His death certificate incorrectly gives his date of birth as May 18, 1855.


Children of John R. Hanlon and Sarah Ellen Hall:

John Joseph (1878- ?) m. Pauline Florence Valley September 21, 1919

Margaret (1880-1955)

Cecilia Grace (1885-?) m. Charles A. Brown August 13, 1917

Edward F. (1886-1972)

Peter Francis (1891-1993)

Genevieve (about 1895-?)

Lillian (1896-1977)



William T. Hanlon

William T. Hanlon was born July 20, 1853 in Mt. Hawkins, Kildare, Ireland and baptized July 31, 1853 in Athy, Kildare. His parents are listed as Redmond Hanlon and Mary Kenning, residents of Mt. Hawkins. William died January 19, 1929 in Waterbury, VT.



He emigrated from Ireland in 1868 and was naturalized August 27, 1874 in Burlington, Vermont (the record calls him William Hamlin). In the 1882-3 Gazetteer and Business Directory of Chittenden County, VT he is listed as William H. Hanlon at 37 Main St., Burlington; employee of Skillings, Whitney & Barnes. On November 21, 1882 he married Mary Curran in Burlington.


Mary Curran was, according to her marriage certificate, the daughter of Martin Curran and Norma O'Hert. It also records that she was twenty-three and born in Canada, which would give her a birth year of 1859, and that the ceremony was performed by Thomas Curran, Catholic priest. She was the daughter of Martin Curran of West Huntingdon, Godmanchester, Quebec (May 10 or December 15, 1839-January 5, 1917) and Hannah O'Neill (July 4,1841-June 19, 1917), who married in St. Anicet, Quebec on February 8, 1858. Mary was born on either October 13 or November 3, 1858. The only reason to question that this is our Mary is that that their daughter Mary is listed in Canada in the 1881 census (age 22) while our Mary Curran is listed in the 1880 U. S. census in Burlington as a domestic servant. Martin Curran's parents were Michael (1792-July 25, 1857) and Mary Dunn (1798 or c.1804-December 4, 1870) both born in Ireland and died in Huntingdon, Quebec. Hannah O'Neill's parents were John S. O'Neill (b. in Ireland in 1814), and Bridget Heffernan, (c.1819-June 27, 1894), born in Ireland and died in St. Anicet. On her tombstone, Mary Curran Hanlon's life dates are listed as 1859-1894.



The 1900 census, taken June 6, 1900, list the following at 76 Elm St., Burlington, Chittenden County, VT:


Wm. I. Hanlin, 45, born Ireland July 1854, emigrated 1868, widowed, coachman

Edmond T. Hanlin, 17

Martin J. Hanlin, 15

William J. Hanlin, 13

Helen M. Hanlin, 11

Eugene Hanlin, 8

Redmond, Hanlin, 85, father, emigrated 1868; married 1846

Mary Hanlin, 70, mother, emigrated 1868


Thirteen days later, on June 19, 1900, William remarried. His surname was spelled Hanlin on his marriage certificate and her name is given as Margaret Hanky. His parents' names were listed Edmund Hanlin and Mary Fleming. Margaret Hanky was a widow. Her married surname was pronounced Hanky but the correct spelling is Hengge. Her first husband died in 1898 in Watertown, NY. They had two daughters. She had a stillborn daughter with William in 1902. On the marriage certificate, she listed her parents' names as Martin H. Hanley and Margaret Garmley. He listed his age as 43. She listed hers as 37.


By the time the census was taken in 1910, William was again a widower. This record is full of mistakes, but reads as follows:


William T. Hanlon, 45, born Ireland (English), immigrated 1876, naturalized, police officer; spouse's name Mary M. Hanlon

Mary M. Hanlon, daughter, 21 [this is Helen Margaret Hanlon]

Mary Hanlon, mother, 85, born Ireland (English); immigrated 1876; 13 children; 4 living


St. Joseph's Cemetery, Burlington


William's occupation between 1908 and 1923 was police officer, Burlington VT and he was listed as such in the 1913 city directory. His daughter Helen (listed as Ellen) was living with him. In 1915 he deeded his house (bought April 29, 1895) at 296 S. Winooski Avenue to his daughter "Ellen Mary Hanlin" with the provision that he would be able to live there for life. His occupation between 1923 and 1925 was as a fireman at Rochester Can Company, Rochester NY. In September 1925 he lived at 5 Upton Park, Rochester, NY. In 1927 he was a 72 Broadway, Rochester, NY. In September 1928 he was at 209 N. Winooski Ave. Burlington, VT. In 1929 he was living with his daughter in Bangor, ME until he was committed to Vermont State Hospital for the Insane, where he died. He was buried in Lot 1925, St. Joseph's (RC) Cemetery, Archibald Street and Riverside Avenue, Burlington, VT


Children of William Hanlon and Mary Curran are:

Mary E. Hanlon (1882-1898)

Edward Thomas Hanlon (1883-after 1948)

Martin James Hanlon (1884-after 1948)

Walter H. Hanlon (1886-1952)

Helen Margaret Hanlon (1889-1948)

Eugene Patrick Hanlon (1891-1942)


Peter H. Hanlon

Peter H. Hanlon (Peter J. on his marriage certificate) was born about 1865 in Ireland and died February 9, 1931 in Troy, New York. On May 10, 1889, he married Ellen Bray (June 16, 1864-? ) in Burlington, Vermont. He was listed as a marble cutter. He is probably the Peter Hanlon listed in the 1913 Burlington City Directory.


Children of Peter H. Hanlon and Ellen Bray:

Margaret (1889-1962)

Christina (1898-?)

Charles (1899-?)

John (1899-?)

Edwin (1909-?)


Margaret A. Hanlon

Margaret A. Hanlon was born in Ireland September 14, 1866 and died November 1, 1935 in Burlington, Vermont. She married Thomas M. McGettrick (August 1857-before 1930).


Children of Margaret A. Hanlon and Thomas M. McGettrick:

Michael F. (1886-1967)

Edward Peter (1888-1937)

Mary (1890-1937)

Helen M. (1892-?)

William Thomas (1897-1964)

Frances C. (1900-1994)



Generation No. 3

(children of William T. Hanlon and Mary Curran only)


Mary E. Hanlon

Mary E. Hanlon was born in about 1882 and died November 20, 1898 at age sixteen. She is buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery, Burlington, Vermont.


Edward Thomas Hanlon

His birth certificate, dated March 25, 1883, does not give him a first name but lists his parents as William Hanlon, 28, laborer, and Mary Curran, 23. The name "Edward Thomas Hamlin" was written in later. In the 1900 census he appears as Edmond. Around 1906, he married Eva Mae LaCasse (January 1883-1904), daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth LaCasse of Oswego, New York.


1915 New York Census, Rochester, New York:

Hanlon, Edward T., head, 32, plumber

Eva M. , wife, 32

Walter, brother, 28, plumber

LaCasse, Hazel, sister, 21

LaCasse, Eliza, mother, 63

Hanlon, Donald E., son, 8

Hanlon, Harriett E., daughter, 4


In 1929, Mary Ellen Hanlon was her grandfather's beneficiary and was represented by her mother, Eva M. Hanlon as guardian. Her father is not mentioned in correspondence with the insurance company. Letters of guardianship were issued by the Probate Court of St. Louis County Missouri. A letter from Edmund T. Hanlon to Helen Hanlon Emerson dated April 2, 1929, indicates that he was then living at 20 N. Hanley Road, Clayton, Missouri. Mary Ellen Hanlon was born December 27, 1921 in Rochester, New York. She married Donald Terrill Wilkins (1922-1979) on November 18, 1950. She died December 8, 1997 in St. Louis County, Missouri.


1930 census

Edward T. Hanlon, 46

Eva M. Hanlon, 46

Donald E. Hanlon, 23

Harriett E. Hanlon, 19

Maris G. Hanlon, 13

Mary E. Hanlon, 8


1940 Census, Clayton, St. Louis County, Missouri

Edward T. Hanlon, 57, born Vermont, owner plumbing and heating company

Eva M. Hanlon, 57, born New York

Harriet Elizabeth, 27, born New York, bookkeeper for her father's company

Mary Ellen, 17, born New York

Geraldine Booth, daughter, 23,married, born New York

Michael Anthony Booth, grandson, 1, born Missouri

Louise Jones, maid, 22


Maris Geraldine Hanlon (aka Geraldine M. Hanlon) was born in Rochester, NY on March 30, 1917 and died November 23, 1968. She married James Donald Booth (1914-1963) in 1938 and they had four children including Michael Anthony (b. 1939) and James Patrick (1941-2008. On March 13, 1951, she married Charles A. McIntosh.


Edward Hanlon of St. Louis, brother, was listed among the surviving relatives when Helen Hanlon Emerson died in 1948.


Martin James Hanlon

Martin James Hanlon was born December 1, 1884 in Burlington, Vermont. On his birth certificate his father is listed as William Hanlon, 30 and his mother as Mary Hanlon, 25. According to the 1930 census, Martin and his wife, Elizabeth (Lizzie) were both twenty when they married, which would put their wedding in about1904. I have not found them in the 1910 census but the draft registration card for Martin James Hanlon, filled out in September 1918, gives their address as 131 Hyatt Avenue, Winfield, Queens County, New York. He lists his profession as plumber, Elizabeth Hanlon as his wife, and is recorded as having blue eyes and light brown hair.


1920 Census: 7 Ramsey Street, Winfield, Queens County, New York

Martin Hanlon, 37, plumber

Elizabeth Hanlon, 37, born Vermont; father born Vermont; mother born Ireland

Redmond Hanlon, 12

Margaret Hanlon, 10

Patrick Hanlon, 8

Kathleen Hanlon, 6

James Hanlon, 4 11/12

Ellen Hanlon, 2 11/12


1925 New York census:

Hanlon, Martin, 41, plumber

Elizabeth, 41

Redmond, 17, plumber's helper

Margaret, 16

Patrick, 14

Catherine, 10

Hemmer, William, 20, plumber's helper

James, 8

Ellen, 6


1930 Census: same address

Martin Hanlon, 45; parents born Northern Ireland; age at marriage 20

Elizabeth Hanlon, 45, born Vermont, age at marriage 20

William Hanlon, 23

Margaret Hanlon, 30

Patrick Hanlon, 18

Katherine Hanlon, 16

James Hanlon, 14

Ellen Hanlon, 12


Although I haven't found him in the 1940 census, he was still at that address in 1942 and 1948 and he survived his sister, Helen Margaret Hanlon Emerson.


Walter H. Hanlon

Walter H. Hanlon was born in Burlington, Vermont on July 18, 1886, according to his draft registration. In the census of 1900 he appears as William J. Hanlin and was living with his parents in Burlington. In 1910, he was living in Rochester, New York, where he was a lodger and listed his age as 25. In 1915, still in Rochester, he was living with his brother Edward's family. On June 5, 1917 he requested exemption from the draft because he had a wife dependent upon him for support. Her name is not given but he is described as a plumber who was 5'4" tall, about 133 pounds, with blue eyes and dark hair. In the City Directory for that year he and his wife Viola are listed as living at 30 Savannah in Rochester. They were still in Rochester for the census in 1920 and 1930.


1930 census: Rochester, New York

Walter H. Hanlon, 44, plumber, veteran of World War I; father born Irish Free State; mother born Canada

Viola, wife, 42, born in Indiana

Ruth Bruell, 26, sister-in-law


Viola and her family are found in the census for 1900 in Butler, Miami County, Indiana, where she is listed as Viola M. Bruell, born c. 1884. Her father was Frank Bruell (born c. 1857) and her mother was named Mariah (born c. 1856).


Walter and Viola Hanlon both continued to be listed in Rochester City Directories until 1952, living in the later years at 438 Broadway. Then Viola is listed alone, which probably indicates that Walter died in 1952.


Helen Margaret Hanlon

Helen Hanlon was born February 12, 1889 in Burlington, Vermont and died August 19, 1948 in Bangor, Maine. In the 1913 Burlington City Directory she is listed as a saleslady and was living with her father at 296 S. Winooski. She married Wilbur Merritt Emerson on June 13, 1918 in Burlington, Vermont. They had one child, W Merritt Emerson, Jr. (December 10, 1921-December 7, 2009). According to the 1940 census, she completed two years of college.


Helen Hanlon Emerson


Eugene Patrick Hanlon

Eugene Patrick Hanlon was born November 10, 1891 in Burlington, Vermont. As was the case with his brother Edward, there is no first name on the certificate and the last name is spelled Hanlin. His mother, Mary A. is listed as born in Canada and his father, William J. Hanlin, as born in Ireland and employed as a coachman. In 1929 and 1930, upon reentering the country after visiting Cuba, he gave his date of birth as September 12, 1886 (in 1929) and as February 12, 1888 (in 1930). It is inscribed as February 12, 1892 on his tombstone. This fiddling with birthdates shows up as early as the 1910 census when Eugene Hanlon, a boarder in Rochester, New York, gave his age as 24. He is listed as single but he must have married soon afterward, since the 1930 census indicates that he married at age eighteen. Since he gave his age as 37 to that census taker, that would make the date of the marriage 1911. If he was being accurate about his age, it would have been 1909 or 1910. I have not found Eugene in the 1920 census but in 1921 Eugene P. Hanlon, plumber, and his wife Marie were living in Miami, Florida, according to the City Directory. These directories place him there for the next twenty-one years, but from 1925 on his wife is listed as Roberta M. Hanlon. They lived at 301 SW 1st Street in that year but in 1927 and 1932 they were living at 212 SW 34th Avenue. They apparently made two visits to Cuba, a popular vacation spot of that era. Passenger lists for the Governor Cobb are as follows:


arriving Key West from Havana, Cuba, July 7, 1929

Roberta Hanlon, born 27 February 1892

Eugene Hanlon, born September 12, 1886


arriving Key West from Havana, Cuba, July 6, 1930

Eugene Hanlon, born Burlington, Vermont February 12,1888

Roberta Hanlon, born Detroit, Michigan February 6, 1892


In the 1930 census, Eugene is listed as Eugene Hanlan, 37, born in Vermont, married at age 18, with wife Roberta, 37, born in Michigan, married at age 18.


Also in 1930, Eugene Hanlon also listed in the classified section of the Miami City Directory as a plumber. These ads continue up until 1942.


Florida death records for 1934 give his wife's name as Anne Marie R. Hanlon, but she is buried in Miami Memorial Park Cemetery as Roberta A. Hanlon (1891-1934). In the 1940 census, Eugene is listed as a widower. He died May 23, 1942 in Miami, Florida. His tombstone in Miami Memorial Park Cemetery gives his life dates as February 12, 1892-May 23, 1942.


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