Descendants of Donald McDougall



Generation One


DONALD MCDOUGALL was born in Scotland. On May 8, 1856, a marriage was recorded on Prince Edward Island that had taken place on February 19, 1855 between Mary Jane Landrigan and Donald McGillick. Given the gap between the event and the record and the frequency of human error in transcribing names, it seems likely the groom was actually Donald McDougall, especially since I can find no other PEI records for a Donald McGillick. The date seems reasonable, since Donald and Mary Jane's son Angus was born in Souris, Prince Edward Island in 1858. "Donald McDougald" appears on property in the map of Lot 7 in the atlas Prince Edward Island 1880. By the census of 1881, Donald was apparently deceased, since the census records for District 1, Lot 7 (Prince County), on the southwest end of the island, lists Jane McDougal [sic] as head of the family.


MARY JANE LANDRIGAN, wife of Donald McDougall, was born on Prince Edward Island in about 1835. According to the 1881 census she was of Irish descent, but it is unclear where her parents were born. Her surname is given as Landling on her son Peter's marriage record in 1902, but there do not seem to be any Landlings in PEI records. The surname Landrigan comes from her son Matthew's marriage record in 1917. An Alexander Landrigan is listed in Souris in the 1870s, born c.1835 in PEI of Scottish and Irish descent, and the fact that his oldest daughter by Catherine Campbell, born on September 8, 1871, was named Mary Jane, suggests that he could be Mary Jane McDougall's brother.


1881 Census, Lot 7, Prince County, Prince Edward Island:

Jane McDougal, age 46, head of household, born on PEI, Roman Catholic, Irish heritage

Angus McDougal, 23, born PEI, fisherman, Scotch heritage

John McDougal, 21, born PEI, fisherman, Scotch heritage

Mathaw [sic] McDougal, 18, born PEI, farmer, Scotch heritage

Peter McDougal, 16, born PEI, farmer's son, Scotch heritage

Mary Jane McDougal, 14, born PEI, Scotch heritage

Emma Doltan, 8, born New Brunswick, Irish heritage (Relationships to the head of the household are not given, so it is unclear whether Emma Doltan was a relative or a servant)



ANGUS A. MCDOUGALL, born April 14, 1858, Souris (?), PEI; died November 16, 1937, Millinocket, ME.

JOHN MCDOUGALL, born about 1860, Souris, PEI

MATTHEW M. MCDOUGALL, born May 12, 1863, Prince Edward Island; died May 08, 1935, Bar Harbor, ME

PETER MCDOUGALL, born March 1865, Prince Edward Island; died after 1918

MARY JANE MCDOUGALL, born October 1866, Prince Edward Island; died 1927, Prince Edward Island.





Generation Two



Angus McDougall was born, according to family memory, on April 14, 1858 in Souris, Prince Edward Island. In the 1881 census, at age 23, he was living with his mother and siblings on the opposite end of Prince Edward Island from Souris. His tombstone gives his life dates as 1858-1937, but his grandson Harold claimed he was 85 when he died, which would give him a birthdate of 1852, and U. S. census records give dates of birth varying from 1853 to 1857. In 1881, his occupation was listed as fisherman. He emigrated to the U. S. in 1886. At 31, on October 2, 1890 (which would give him a birth year of 1859) in St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Old Town, ME, he married ELIZABETH ARSENAULT. One of the witnesses was his sister, Mary Jane McDougall. There are two records of this, in the list of marriages at St. Joseph's and in the Old Town vital records. They differ slightly, the vital records being more complete. In both his parents were given as Donald and Mary Jane. In the vital records, Angus's profession was listed as carpenter. His father was born in Scotland and his mother on Prince Edward Island. Angus worked in various New England mill towns, engaged in the construction of paper mills as a carpenter and millwright. Between 1893 and 1895 he was in Orono, ME, but had moved to Berlin, New Hampshire by 1898. Between 1900 and 1908 he was in Rumford, Maine. He started work at the mill in Millinocket November 5, 1908, where he was pulp mill foreman. The entire family moved there in June 1909.


ELIZABETH ARSENAULT was the daughter of DENNIS ARSENAULT and JENNIE/JESSIE/JANE (maiden name unknown). Her tombstone says she was born in 1867, as does her death certificate, but census records indicate that she was born in March 1869 on Prince Edward Island and her marriage record says she was 21, which also gives her a birth year of 1869. The record of her marriage from St. Joseph's church lists her parents' names as Denis and Jessie Arsenault. The Old Town vital records give their names as Dennis and Jennie and say that both were born on Prince Edward Island. Elizabeth's father was Dennis Arsenault, who is listed in the 1891 census for Canada in Lot 6, District 134. He was a farmer and a Roman Catholic. His age is given as 60 (b.c.1831). Living with him are his wife Jane, age 60, daughters Sarah J. (23) and Emeline (21), and son Frederick (4). Dennis appears again in the 1901 census as a widower, living with his sister, Margry (66), and his son Fred (14). His birthdate is given as November 10, 1831. In 1911, the only Dennis Arsenault was age 82 (born March 1829) and living in Lot 6 (District 140) with May Arsenault, age 79 (b. May 1832). She is identified as his wife, but it is possible this was a mistake by the census taker and "May" is actually his sister Margry.


According to the 1900 census, both Angus and Elizabeth came to the U.S. in 1886. By 1900 they had been married eleven years and Elizabeth had given birth to five children, four of whom were living. Angus McDougall was living with his son Clayton at the time of the 1930 census. He died November 16, 1937 in Millinocket, ME and is buried there. His age on his death certificate is recorded as "about 80 years." At the time of her death, Elizabeth had been confined in the Bangor State Hospital for twenty years and ten months. She died there on June 25, 1945. Her death certificate incorrectly says she was the daughter of Charles Ashley and Jennie Fitzgerald. Elizabeth was buried in Millinocket, ME.


1900 census, Rumford Falls, Maine, June 1, 1900

McDougall, Angus, b. June 1852, age 47, married for 11 years, born English Canada, both parents born English Canada, immigration to U. S. 1886, occupation carpenter, not naturalized

McDougall, Elizabeth, b. March 1869, age 31, 5 children (4 living), born English Canada, both parents born English Canada, immigration to U. S. 1886

McDougall, Dan. J., born July 1893, age 6, born Maine

McDougall, Clayton H., born February 1894, age 5, born Maine

McDougall, Milliam, born May 1898, age 2, born Maine

McDougall, James H., born March 1900, age two months, born Maine

boarding with the family were Samuel and Grace F. Goff, ages 22 and 21, and their ten month old daughter Inez. Samuel was a bartender.


1920 census, Millinocket, Maine

McDougall, Angus, 65, b. English Canada, parents both born Scotland, immigrated 1909, alien, millwright

McDougall, Elizabeth, 58, born Massachusetts, parents both born Massachusetts, x on year of immigration but marked al under whether or not naturalized

McDougall, Dan'l, 24

McDougall, Harry, 19


1930 census, Millinocket, Maine

Harold J. Mcdougal, 30

Josephine M. Mcdougal, 25

Harold J. Mcdougal, 1 3/12

Mildred M. Mcdougal, 9

Demirse Willette, 41

Walter J. Willette, 23

George V. Willette, 17

Brindela M. Willette, 12

Aldea Willette, 8

Viola M. Willette, 4 2/12

Angus Mcdougal, 73


1930 census, Bangor, Maine

Elizabeth Mcdougall, 62, a patient at BMH, father born Massachusetts, mother born Canada, m. at 23



UNNAMED MCDOUGALL, b. October 28, 1891, Old Town, ME; d. November 15, 1891, Old Town, ME

DANIEL JOSEPH MCDOUGALL, b. July 21, 1893, Orono, ME; d. December 14, 1965, Sanford, ME. He was a papermaker, served in World War I, and never married

CLAYTON H. BAYARD MCDOUGALL, b. January 30, 1895, Orono, ME; d. November 3, 1936, Millinocket, ME

MARION A. MCDOUGALL, b. March 7, 1898, Berlin, NH; d. May 7, 1981, Sanford ME

HAROLD JAMES MCDOUGALL, b. March 10, 1900, Rumford, ME; d. March 31, 1975, Millinocket, ME

ALICE CATHERINE MCDOUGALL, b. May 25, 1902, Rumford Falls, ME; d. December 30, 1989, Farmington, ME.



According to the 1881 census, he was 21 in 1881 and born in 1860 on Prince Edward Island. In 1881 he was listed as a fisherman. The "U.S. Record of Aliens Pre-Examined in Canada" tells us that he was 59 in August 1920 and born in Souris, Prince Edward Island (the opposite end of the island from where the family was living in 1881) and was single. His occupation is listed as mason tender. The card filled out in the port of St. John, New Brunswick also records that he was 5'4" tall. His hair and eye color were listed as Gr, which I assume is gray. He had been in the U.S. from 1888-8/1/20 and listed his last residence as Millinocket,ME. "Brother: Angus, Millinocket, ME" is listed under "address of relative or friend there." If he was indeed living in the U.S. from 1888 until 1920, it is possible that he is the Jake McDougall listed in Rumford Falls (where Angus was in that year) in the census in 1900. This Jake McDougall was married with children but John's single status on the 1920 record could be explained by his having become a widower. Here is the entry, in case it proves to be relevant:


1900 census, Rumford Falls, ME

McDougall, Jake, born February 1864, age 36, married nine years, born English Canada, both parents born English Canada, year of immigration 1892, occupation laborer, Baker Mill

McDougall, Mary E., wife, born April 1865, age 35, born English Canada, both parents born English Canada, year of immigration 1892

McDougall, Angus J., born April 1893, age 7, born Maine [on April 2, 1892 in Rumford, ME he married Isabella; in 1942 they were living in Boston]

McDougall, James, born June 1894, age 6, born Maine

McDougall, Grover, born September 1895, age 4, born Maine



Matthew McDougall was born May 12, 1863 on Prince Edward Island. In the 1881 Canadian census he was living with his mother and employed as a farmer. Various U. S. census records have differing emigration dates: 1890 in 1910; 1888 in 1920; 1887 in 1930. In 1900 he and his younger brother Peter were in Eden, Hancock County, ME and boarding with their sister, Mary Casey, and her husband Patrick, as were several other unmarried men. In 1910 he was still in Eden and still single and is listed as Matthew M. McDougall, age 44. By 1912, when they are listed in the City Directory for Falmouth, ME, he had married a woman named Henrietta. By 1920, they were in Bar Harbor, ME, where his age is listed as 55 and hers as 48. She was born in Bavaria, Germany. Her year of emigration is given as 1892 in the 1930 census, also in Bar Harbor. In that year their surname is spelled Mcdougle. He worked as a gardener at a Bar Harbor estate. On their tombstones in Holy Redeemer Cemetery, Bar Harbor, ME, her dates are given as 1865-1934 and his as 1863-1935. He died May 8, 1935 in Bar Harbor. Information on his death certificate came from his nephew, John Casey, and contains several inaccuracies. It lists his father's name as Ambrose McDougall, says he was born May 12, 1856 and gives 38 years as the length of his residence in Bar Harbor (with his previous residence on PEI), which would make his emigration date 1897. His entry at Find a Grave is also contradictory but does give his wife's surname as Krauss. Her life dates are March 23, 1865-October 8, 1934. They were married January 2, 1917 in Manhattan, NY. His mother's name is given as Jane Landrigan.



Peter McDougall was born in about 1865 on Prince Edward Island. He was listed as "farmer's son" at age sixteen in the 1881 census, when he was still living with his mother. In 1900 he and his brother Matthew were boarders in the house of their sister, Mary Casey, in Eden, ME. On September 9, 1901, Peter married Mary's husband's sister, Mary Casey. He was 37. She was 36. In October 1918, Peter and Mary returned to PEI from Maine with goods valued at $200. His occupation was listed as "paper mill" and in the "remarks" section is written: "going home."


MARY CASEY was the daughter of John Casey and Mary Doran of St. Georges (Georgetown), PEI. She was born February 22, 1864. In the 1881 census (District 3; Kings; Lot 53) the family consisted of Mary Casey, 45, widow, born in Ireland, and her children, all born on PEI:  Mary, 16, Patrick, 15, Francis 13, and Elizabeth 9. Although in U. S. census records Mary is recorded as having emigrated in 1887, the 1891 census for the same location in PEI lists Mary, widow, age 55, Mary, 25, Patrick, 23, Francis, 21, and Elizabeth 16. By 1900, however, Mary and her brother Patrick were living in Eden, ME. where Patrick was the head of a household that consisted of:


Patrick Casey, 33

Mary J. Casey, 33

John F. Casey, 8

Francis M. Casey, 3

Peter J. Casey, 1 month

Mary Casey 35

Peter McDougal, 35

Mathew McDougal, 37

six other male boarders


In the 1900 census, Patrick Casey, Mary McDougall Casey, Peter McDougall, and Matthew McDougall are all listed as having come to the U.S. in 1887.


1910 census, Eden, ME:

Peter McDougall, immigrated 1889

Mary McDougall, immigrated 1887



Mary Jane McDougall was born in PEI in October 1866 and died in 1927 in Mount Stewart, Queens County, PEI. She was in the U.S. by 1890, when she witnessed her brother Angus's marriage in 1890 in Old Town, ME. In 1891 she married Patrick Casey (b. January 14, 1869 in Georgetown, PEI according to birth records; December 1866 according to census records; died June 10, 1955). They were living in living in Eden, ME by 1900 but by 1911 had moved back to King's District, Lot 53, where his family had previously lived. She is buried with her husband in St. Andrew's RC cemetery.


1911 Census: Prince Edward Island

Patrick Casey, 43, farmer

Mary J. Casey, 44

John F. Casey, 19

Francis Casey, 14

Peter I. Casey, 11

Patrick Casey, 4

Mary J. Casey, 7

Margaret A. Casey, 2


Children of Mary Jane McDougall and Peter Casey:

John F. Casey, b. Old Town, ME March 3, 1892; d. Bar Harbor, ME March 17, 1954; m. Melina Daigle August 3, 1014, Bar Harbor, ME

Patsy Casey, b. Old Town, ME 1894; died September 21, 1898 in Old Town, ME

Francis M. Casey, b. September 1896

Peter J. Casey, b. April 5, 1900, Eden, ME; d. October 20, 1974, Tewksbury, MA

Mary J. Casey, b. 1903

Patrick Casey, b. 1906

Margaret A. Casey, b. 1909





Generation Three

children of Angus McDougall and Elizabeth Arsenault


CLAYTON H. BAYARD MCDOUGALL was born January 30, 1895 in Orono, ME, and died November 3, 1936 in Millinocket, ME.  He married LENA V. CARRIGAN October 21, 1916 in Millinocket, ME, daughter of DANIEL and JENNIE CARRIGAN.  She was born February 6, 1898, and died July 2, 1965. Both are buried in Millinocket, ME. Family records indicate that Clayton committed suicide.



JAMES C. MCDOUGALL, b. March 12, 1914; d. November 11, 1967. Listed as Colon P. McDougall in one census record



MARION A. MCDOUGALL was born March 7, 1898 in Berlin, NH. Her birth record lists her parents as Angus McDougal and Elizabeth Arsenault and gives her name as Marie Anna Elizabeth McDougal, her father's birthplace as Canada and his age as 38, and her mother's birthplace as Canada and her age as 29. Marion (as Marie Ann Moore) died May 7, 1981 in Sanford, ME. Marion married (1) FRANK L. YORK on October 15, 1913 in Millinocket, ME, son of FRANK YORK and JULIA RHINEHART. He was born 1891 in New York, and died between 1920 and 1922. She married (2) LEWIS CARLTON MOORE January 27, 1923 in Brewer, ME. He was born May 10, 1864 and had been married twice before, first to Annie Closson on September 24, 1897 and second to Alda B. Moody on April 16, 1916. He died on July 14, 1958. Marian A. McDougall is listed as Marie Ann McDougall in her daughter's obituary and as Mary A. McDougall on the record of her second marriage. At the time of the 1930 census she lived on Essex Street, Bangor. She died March 9, 1966. Her social security death record gives her mother's name as Elizabeth Wedge.



CATHERINE F. YORK, b. 1915 d. Portland, ME; m. NORMAN KIMBALL September 19, 1936; lived with Harold McDougall for a time.


Norma Gay Kimball (March 20, 1937-August 31, 1971) m. Thomas Ovila Goyette (October 8, 1926-June 20, 1989); children: Diane Frances Goyette (b. August 27, 1960, Canton OH); Dean Wayne Goyette (b. August 28, 1962, Miami FL), Dayle Thomas Goyette (b. March 21, 1965, Pawtucket RI)

Donald Wayne Kimball (January 31, 1938-April 10, 2011) m. Roberta Jean Gee (d. October 20, 2005); Children: Michael Wayne Kimball and Sharon Marie Kimball (b. March 17, 1969)

CLAYTON L. YORK, b. 1918; d. May 18, 1991, Chelsea, ME.

MILDRED M. YORK, b. February 04, 1921; m. (unknown) HAZELETT; Mildred is listed as Mildred McDougall in the 1930 census. She was living with her uncle, Clayton McDougall, and may have been adopted by him. She also lived with her uncle, Harold McDougall for a time.



ROBERT J. MOORE, b. c. 1924

ETHEL ALICE. MOORE, b. March 26,1926; d. 2012; m. CHARLES E. HATCH (1924-November 24, 2010), April 12, 1947

MARY C. MOORE, b. c. 1928

NADINE MOORE, b. after 1930; m. EVERETT E. PATCH, September 12, 1953.


HAROLD JAMES MCDOUGALL was born March 10, 1900 in Rumford, ME, and died March 31, 1975 in Millinocket, ME. He married JOSEPHINE M. WILLETTE January 17, 1921 in Millinocket, ME. She was born in 1904 and died July 25, 1980 in Millinocket, ME. They are both buried in Millinocket, ME.



HAROLD J. MCDOUGALL (June 2, 1929-April 27, 2011); m. December 23, 1950 LELA JEAN BESSEY (June 1, 1929-July 19, 2006).

EVELYN T. MCDOUGALL, (1933-2012+); m. 1954 LOREN E. BROWN; children: Karen T. Brown Bradbury; son

ALICE MCDOUGALL (August 3, 1935-August 30, 2006); m. 1955 JEROME OKANE.





ALICE CATHERINE MCDOUGALL was born May 25, 1902 in Rumford Falls, ME and died December 30, 1989 in Farmington ME. She is buried in Good Will Cemetery, Hinckley, ME. She married 1) Leon Paradis on July 5, 1920 in Boston, MA (divorced). She married 2) Walter Hinckley on June 29, 1952 in Maine. One child: Ethel Catherine Paradis (1922-2007) who married W Merritt Emerson (1921-2009).


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