Kathy Lynn Emerson writes in several different genres
and under several different names,

including Kate Emerson and Kaitlyn Dunnett.
As Kathy Lynn Emerson she is best known

for historical mysteries, including the

Face Down Mystery Series
featuring sixteenth-century gentlewoman,
herbalist, and sleuth, Susanna, Lady Appleton,
the Diana Spaulding 1888 Quartet,

and her Agatha-award-winning nonfiction,

How to Write Killer Historical Mysteries.

She has also written children’s books and romance novels





from Wildside Press

a collection of short stories


 Kathy Lynn Emerson



trade paperback edition: $14.99


These thirteen short stories range in setting from medieval England to present day Maine.

Some have previously been published while others are in print here for the first time.

Included are two Lady Appleton stories and the tale in which Rosamond and Rob elope.




also new for Spring 2017


the third installment of


set in England in the 1580s





Murder in the Queen’s Wardrobe

available in hardcover, trade paperback, large print, and for Kindle and Nook

first in a new series featuring Mistress Rosamond Jaffrey, Elizabethan sleuth and spy


Murder in the Merchant’s Hall

available in hardcover, trade paperback, large print and for Kindle and Nook


Murder in the a Cornish Alehouse

available in hardcover and ebook; other formats to come



Mistress Jaffrey is Rosamond Appleton, illegitimate daughter of Lady Appleton’s late, unlamented husband, Sir Robert. Now she’s all grown up, married, and ready to solve crimes on her own. She was raised by Susanna Appleton, but she inherited some of the worst traits of both her parents. At sixteen, she made an impulsive runaway marriage, wedding her childhood playmate, Rob Jaffrey, once known as “Mole” and the son of Lady Appleton’s steward and housekeeper, Mark and Jennet Jaffrey. Rosamond got what she wanted, control of her fortune, but now she’s wed to Rob for life. There is no divorce in Elizabeth Tudor’s England.


In Murder in the Queen’s Wardrobe, Rosamond is shocked to learn her husband, from whom she has been estranged for some time, may be in danger. To help keep him safe, she is willing to go undercover as an intelligence gatherer for the Crown. Why not, when both her father and her stepfather did their share of spying when they were young? But when another agent is murdered, Rosamond must add crime-solving to her other responsibilities. With action that moves from the English court of Queen Elizabeth the First to the Russia of Tsar Ivan the Terrible, Mistress Jaffrey’s first outing is a unique combination of spy thriller and cozy historical mystery.


Murder in the Merchant’s Hall continues Rosamond and Rob’s story and adds a murder mystery involving Rosamond’s old friend Godlina Walkenden.


Murder in a Cornish Alehouse takes place in 1584, when Rosamond and Rob travel to Cornwall following the death of her stepfather in suspicious circumstances. There they once again encounter a treasonous plot, as well as a murder or two, but this time there are pirates.



If you’ve never met Rosamond before, here are two links to introduce you. For her appearance, as a girl, in Chapter One of Face Down Beside St. Anne’s Well, click here and for the short story, “Any Means Short of Murder,” which first appeared in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine and is included in the new collection, Different Times, Different Crimes, click here and learn how she and Rob ended up married and dealing with a murder all on the same day.



For the real story behind the fictional one in Murder in the Queen’s Wardrobe, click here


For a bibliography of sources used in writing all the books in the series, click here



Here’s what the reviewers have to say about Murder in the Queen’s Wardrobe:


Kirkus Reviews calls this “a diverting series . . . with lots of twists and turns and Tudor tidbits.”


Publisher’s Weekly describes Rosamond as “high-spirited, educated, and independent” and praises the way I draw on my “solid knowledge of the period to evoke vividly daily life in late 16th-century England.”


Booklist praises “first-rate storytelling, eye-opening details of the politics and customs of the time, a taut and riveting plot, unexpected humor, and a charming and admirable heroine.”


Library Journal calls Rosamond “a feisty, fiercely independent, and very likeable protagonist.”


Historical Novels Review says Rosamond is “brave yet vulnerable” and “portrayed as a genuine woman of the era.”


About Murder in the Merchant’s Hall:


Booklist says “This fine new addition to Emerson’s popular historical series offers a genuinely gripping mystery, an appealing protagonist, and an eye-opening look at London life during the Renaissance.”


Publisher’s Weekly says “evocative period detail and the warmth of Rosamond’s byplay with Rob make for a satisfying read.”


Historical Novels Review says “The mystery surrounding Hugo’s death is intricate, well-plotted, and full of twists.”


About Murder in a Cornish Alehouse:


Booklist says “This meticulously researched, cleverly plotted story has plenty of twists and wonderfully colorful characters and will appeal to all historical-mystery fans.”


Publisher’s Weekly says readers will find “a lot to like.”


Kirkus says Rosamond “has an almighty difficult puzzle to untangle” and also finds the novel “enjoyable for its historical insights and detailed descriptions of everyday life in Tudor England.”



Kathy Lynn Emerson’s other titles include

Mysteries, Nonfiction, Romances, and Children’s Books




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Wives and Daughters: The Women of Tudor England

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